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Musical Challenge(1/2) Quotes

Now whatever way our stories end, I know you have rewritten mine by being my friend // Wicked


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reasons to love my drama teacher: it takes awhile to explain but basically for advanced drama class we’ve been doing this project where we have to talk about ourselves. there were things i wanted people to know about me but i hate talking about myself and ive been having trouble breathing during this shitty week so my anxiety was pretty much through the roof and i started crying but she stopped class and hugged me and told me i could get through it and to just look at her and that everything was okay. i got through it and i felt better and she kept telling me she was so proud of me and im just so grateful for her continued presence

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Postcards from E4 - promoting the final season of Friends in the UK (2004)

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- me expressing disbelief, anger, sympathy or shock (via lastisle)
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Jessie Mueller, Tony Awards winner as 'Best Performance by a Leading Actrees in a Musical' for Beautiful: The Carole King Musical

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Beautiful: The Carole King Musical on Broadway.